By placing an order with CheapSocialProduct, you accept all the below listed term of services whether you read them or not.

Disclaimer: CheapSocialProduct will not be responsible for bulk deleting accounts from any social media network, like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or YouTube. We will NOT refill any quantity of unfollows if any such account deletion happens by the networks. Our service includes only the enrichment of a social media profile.

Liabilities: CheapSocialProduct is in no way liable for any account suspension or post deletion done by any other social network.

This service can be used for digital promotional packages for any social media networks which we offering.
Our services sometimes might deliver later than the planned timeframe stated on the website’s order page. This is absolutely normal. Contact our support staff at the Email if your order isn’t delivered in time, they will most likely find a suitable solution for it.
You use always this service on your personally own risk. We are not responsible in any way of the consequences that may occur because of using our service. It’s 100% your own buyer/costumer risk.
Our followers are semiactive users. For this reason our followers will not like and comment any post of your social media profile,generally.

1. We would refund in full if your project is not started at all in 48 Hours. Although the start of project on our server is within one hour on automatic basis but there are many other factors of social media networks like updates, new releases which may cause delay in starting of the project. So the refunds would be based on max 48 hours delay, if it is more than that then we would refund you in FULL in spite of any other factor.
2. Your profile should be public while placing order, the any delay in starting the order would not be considered our fault as we cannot start any order for private profiles. Please turn your profile from private to public.
3. The order completion speed usually is 2k followers per day or more depending on various factors. Ideally we complete the orders of 5k in 24 hours but still we would highlight that the progression depends on various other factors. If you think that you want to cancel an order in process of the order then you cannot ask for full refund or you cannot file chargeback. We can give you partial refund based on case to case basis and you are not entitled to file a chargeback. You have to send us an email requesting for partial refunds with a subject stating “Partial Refund”. We would refund pro-rata based on the amount of order yet to be completed. No chargebacks are allowed in such cases.
4. Take note that you cannot put simultaneous orders with two different websites. For an example if you place 1000 followers at two different websites and if you do not get addition of 2000 then you would not know which vendor has completed and which one did not. So if you have put another order on the same profile while our order is in process, we would not refund anything. You have to either wait our order to be completed or formally get our cancellation approval before putting another order at other website.
5. Please note that if the profile given to us is not complete or is incorrect then we cannot start the order on our server and based on this we would not refund and you are not entitled to file a chargeback.
6. Once you place the order, our supplier starts your order on our server and money is deducted from our account. Subsequently if you delete your profile after placing the order then we cannot refund. You are not entitled to file a chargeback in this case.
7. Each order has to be for one profile. You can split one order into multiple profiles.
8. You are not supposed to file a chargeback based on a plea that your credit card data is stolen by someone. You cannot file a chargeback. You have to strengthen your credit card security with your bank. At the same time we have also put a strong radar in our system to prevent in the best possible way any misuse of credit cards. We enable Location Checks, CVC Checks, Zip Checks to do the best at our end so that our system can do the best to avoid misuse of your credit card. But still we cannot entertain chargebacks based on your plea that your credit card data is stolen by someone.
9. We are providing followers which are mixed worldwide and not specific to any country. So we cannot refund you based on your expectation that you are expecting a country specific followers.
10. We guarantee your followers for one month. We can refill your drop counts until one month. You cannot claim Full Refund if your followers are dropping. We can promise to refill those counts. Please note that dropping counts may due to various other factors of social media like new release or update, your own counts from other vendors and quality of your own individual followers. So you cannot just ask for refunds, we would still ensure to provide you refill till one month from your date of purchase. After one month, any drop count are not in purview of our service and we would not give any refunds and you cannot file any chargebacks.
11. In the event that incorrect information was provided by you, we will not refund any amount in the case that a project has started and/or has been completed.

You will not copy any programming, images or content used on the CheapSocialProduct website without the written consent of a CheapSocialProduct representative.

This Terms of Service is changeable at any time. Notices of changes will be given on the date posted on our website.